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"Hi _______!Here is the video link to watch a bit more about MK. A MK business may or may not be for you- but either way, I so appreciate you listening & helping me with my training! Here's what's in it for YOU: A cute  bracelet & a 1/2 price product gift from me! The Link to watch is below, simply text YOUR NAME & MY NAME to my MK Trainer (Robin @217.493.2048) when you've watched and we'll text you back to do a 5 questions survey to earn your bracelet! Let me know when you can watch!! Thx again, You're the best!" (INSERT LINK HERE)
Select the link below that fits her personality or former occupation or that you think may appeal to her.  Be sure to watch them all yourself first so you know what you are sending!

Dacia - Two parts 25 Minutes total. Great for detailed people, young, energetic, and sharp.
Part 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzFbReilwOU
Part 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7-K-FyRfig

Vicki - 13 minutes.  For women who are Mom's, not the make up person, and or shy, college educated sweet personality people.

Roya - 5 Minute Teaser.  Here's one for the dominate personality people, corporate America types! It's only 5 minutes. This is just a teaser and helps these women what to lean more on person!  I send this along with another one to follow with more info - like Stacy's video below.

Stacy - 15 Minutes. Excellent for mature at heart women and explains MK's story. Motivating!

Leah  - 18 Minutes.  Here's one for young woman, former teacher, and basically for everyone young at heart!

Gloria - 15 Minutes. Here's one for African American women to show the success and equality of our company.
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