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Location: Lakeland, Fl. 33813 - Posted January 21, 2015 10:13 pm
Email: mja6858 [at] aol [dot] com

Marlene Archuleta

Looking forward to getting to conference in 2015. Have first facials on monday. excited about the incentives

Posted November 2, 2014 10:39 pm

Casey Long

Hi, Robin! Thanks for all you do. I may not be able to make it to every event, but I enjoy your communication every week. Love ya!

Location: Sebring, Florida - Posted March 12, 2014 12:05 am
Website - Email: Smanus [at] whyclimb [dot] com

Stacey L. Manus


Location: Champaign, IL - Posted March 11, 2014 3:12 am
Email: sandydelaney [at] att [dot] net

Sandy Delaney

Great resource...thanks, Robin!

Location: Philo - Posted March 4, 2014 4:51 am
Website - Email: rshett [at] aol [dot] com


Thanks gals I LOVE it too!
Hope you find LOTS of great things here along with your progress under recognition.

Location: United States - Posted March 2, 2014 9:38 pm
Website - Email: svaal [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

Vicki Lengerich

Very nice!

Posted February 28, 2014 11:15 pm
Email: cassaireland [at] yahoo [dot] com


Very nice!!! I really like the video for the MK Opportunity!

Location: Gurnee, IL - Posted February 28, 2014 9:09 pm
Website - Email: heaveno [at] att [dot] net

Fe Pagaduan

Great idea!! Our very own web site! Robin Rock !!

Location: Third Lake, IL - Posted February 28, 2014 7:06 pm
Email: akendzior [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

ann kendzior

Hi Robin, Looks great!

Posted February 28, 2014 1:37 am
Email: officer151 [at] att [dot] net


looks good, Robin. Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday

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